Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Must have summer nail polishes!

Hello everyone,
Now to be perfectly honest with you, you don't absolutely need to have these nail polishes, like the title suggests, because at the end of the day nobody can tell you what you "need" to have, especially when it comes to the colors on your nails!
However, if you are one of those people who likes nail polishes but does not want to splurge on a thousand different shades, here's all you really need to survive the summer! A neon, if you're not brave enough to incorporate the color into your wardrobe, a pastel for those calm relaxing days, and a red because lets face it; everybody at some point will have one in their collection and it looks great with all skin tones!
Red- Essie HOT-E
Neon- Orly Glowstick
Sally Hansen- Breezy Blue

What is your favorite nail polish for the summer?

Live the life you love. Love the life you live.
Elle :)


  1. that red essie one is really pretty. Not sure i'd wear it in summer-never really thought about wearing darks in summer.
    new follower here!
    i do same type of posts so id love it for you to follow if you like it :)

    1. Thanks Fiona! I can see darks being a little odd for the summer months, that's why I was very careful not to pick a dark red. To be honest, I am so so tempted to wear my neon yellow, in November, but I'm not that brave. :P

  2. Approve of all them, despite thinking that red was a bit odd I can now fully see why, you smart girl! I loved this post and look forward to more, I've followed you on BL too!


    1. Thanks Zoe. I do like a good red. I LOVE your name, by the way. :*