Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Friday Madness?

As you might have noticed I haven't posted anything about my Black Friday shopping. Don't let it fool you! Of course I went! I wouldn't miss it for the world.
This year was the first time I went full out. I'm talking waiting outside a store at midnight, waking up at 5:30 in the morning, getting great deals! To be honest, it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be, hence the question mark at the end of the title. And I have to admit that the sale wasn't as great as I thought it would be but I still managed to get some cute stuff.
Anyways, the things I got myself on Black Friday are the following:

This shirt is actually a bright teal colour. It looks a little dull in the photo though.
Forever 21- $9.00

These are just leggings from TJMaxx. They might seem like jeans because they have a zipper, but they're not.
TJMaxx- $14.99

Just a simple black coat. Not much to say about that :P
Forever 21- $8.99

I am so excited to try these eyeshadows. They are quite sparkly too, although you can't really tell in the photo.
Forever 21- $0.99

I actually got these earrings for free. They were giving out coupons the week before black Friday. And, to be honest when I read that they were giving away a free piece of jewelry I thought it would be really ugly, but it is actually really cute. A bit too girly maybe, but I can work with it.

And the things that my parents got me:

I LOVE this colour. (It photographs very nice as well) It is a hot pink high-low sweater.
Hollister- $15.00

You will not believe how warm this sweatshirt is!

This is actually my favorite thing I got. My very first pair of yoga pants! They are so comfortable and I was so pleased that I finally bought them.
Burlington Coat Factory- $14.99
I know I could probably put all the clothes together and not take as many pictures, but photography is an aspect of blogging that I absolutely love. And I can't wait to take a lot more photos in the future.
A massive thank you to Jenness who helped me with the photos and lend me her camera! :)

P.S.: My parents and I didn't spend Thanksgiving together, since they don't celebrate this holiday (no thanksgiving in Albania or Greece), hence the 2 separate black Friday shopping trips.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Thanksgiving holiday! :)

I feel kind of weird posting about Thanksgiving this late, but I will anyway! :P
My Thanksgiving was great! I had the best time. It was really busy but that's what I liked about it. I didn't just sit there in front of my TV all day; that would've been really boring and a total waste of time. So, let's get started.
We arrived in Coventry on Wednesday and we started preparing the Thanksgiving meal. On Thursday we went to the Manchester road race. It was a very nice day out so it wasn't too miserable for the runners who had to run 5 miles. I think I'm gonna run the race next year. It's gonna be an interesting experience since I don't like running!
After the race, we went back home to cook the infamous thanksgiving turkey. and guess what? We had two kinds: a fried and a baked one! We all got dressed, people started arriving and we began our feast!
The bad part is that we were having so much fun that we didn't get to take a lot of photos. :(

After the meal a bunch of us went to watch Breaking Dawn part 2! I am a fan, so I really enjoyed the movie. Needless to say that I am heartbroken that this is the last one. After the movie we went midnight Black Friday shopping. It was very exciting and fun and unexpected and a million other things, that I will post about tomorrow otherwise this blog post is gonna be super long. That's all for now! :)

P.S.: I thought this picture was quite interesting so I thought I should include it! :P
Live the life you love. Love the life you live.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My day at the mall

So, today I finally found time to go to the mall. I had a really great time. My mom and I got to talk a lot and spend time together. It was a fun, girly day! :)
Furthermore, today was the first time a had my make up done by a professional makeup artist at Nordstrom. I asked him about foundations and which one I should use. He said I didn't need to wear any, but when I'm going out or I need a bit more coverage I should use a tinted moisturizer. I am actually really excited to go and purchase my first official make up product!
I also saw Santa! :P
Here are some pics of my amazing day at the mall!
Live the life you love. Love the life you live.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My first blog post!

Hello everyone!
I am not too sure if anyone is reading this, but I just want to introduce myself since I am fairly new around here. My name is Elle and I am a typical 17 year old,minus the drinking. I originally had my mind set on starting a vlogging channel on YouTube, but that idea was shut down by my parents. So, then I thought "Well, why don't I just start blogging?". I started thinking about it and I decided to just go for it! So, this blog is mainly going to be about fashion and life in general, however there might be a little beauty component thrown in there. To be honest, the only makeup that i wear is eyeliner and mascara, so if I recommend any foundation or blush and such, it must mean that it's really good! Keeping in mind that i am a senior in high school and I am quite busy I will blog about 3 times a week. Having said that, I think I'm gonna go now, but I'll be back tomorrow! Bye :)
"Live the life you love. Love the life you live"